Two Acre Farm’s Salads. Lettuce Cater.

We will make your next lunch, small meeting or large group event a hit.  We offer individual or large-bowl salads made from healthy, sustainably-sourced local & Certified Naturally Grown ingredients.

All orders can be placed on our email.

Payments can be made by cash or credit cards.

Pay by credit card by calling


All orders must be placed the day before. A full list of salads can be found on our website & changes weekly.

Why have lunches with Two Acre Farm?

We dress to impress.  We source the freshest Certified Naturally Grown & sustainable ingredients.  All ingredients are prepared from scratch daily, including all the vinaigrettes.

Increase productivity. Our healthy food will leave you satisfied, not stuffed-make you energized, not sleepy-leading to increased productivity & happy employees.

Let us do the work!

SALADS individual salads $7.00

Large bowl salads feed 5 for $ 42 00

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